Welcome to Stock Breakout Trading !

Breakout is one of the most popular stock technical analysis trading technique. It can be used for day trading or short term trading. Finding good quality signals can be challenging:

  • Using filters, one can find stock charts that meet certain breakout criteria, but the matching list is sometime exhaustive and looking at every single chart in order to determine the good signals is time consuming.
  • Many websites offer paid service for daily signals or stock picks. The main concern here is quality and fraud. One has to wonder why these sites are selling their list rather than trading it themselves. Also, these services often provide signals on penny stocks with low trading volume, which in many case turn out to be a scam scheme.

This site provides a daily list of potential stock breakout signals. No penny stock scam signal here: Only stocks with enough liquidity and volume. No magic stock picks here either: Users are encouraged to start with the breakout list provided, do their own research, and provide feedback to other users through the stock recommendation system.

Daily signals are provided for NASDAQ and TSX at noon.

The list is generated using an algorithm that looks through hundreds of stock chart breakouts, and extracts potentially good signals. It filters out penny stock (based on cash transaction volume rather than simply on price), stocks with too wide breakout and stocks without appropriate volume pattern. The resulting list is not perfect and it is not claimed to be stock picks or buying recommendations. It is meant to help traders find trading opportunities. It is a convenient starting point for traders to explore potential trading opportunities. Past signals are also available in the Historical Data section.

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